GE Motorized Wheel Lube Emgard EP680

Quick Smart are the distributor of BASF EMGARD EP Gear Oil 680.

BASF EMGARD EP Gear Oil 680 is specifically formulated to protect moderate to heavily loaded industrial gears and bearings. It provides excellent antiwear and load-carrying capability, as well as strong rust inhibition and demulsibility performance. The EMGARD EP Gear Oil 680 meets or exceeds the requirements of the industry standard U.S. Steel 224 and AGMA 250.04 EP Synthetic Gear Lubricant Specifications. EMGARD EP Gear Oil 680 is approved for use in General Electrics Electrical Wheel Gear Unit and is approved for use in GE 772, 776, 791, 788, 787, GDY85 and GEB23 wheelmotors. Blended with 100 percent synthetic basestocks and advanced EP additives, EMGARD EP Gear Oil 680 provides improved high-temperature stability and cleanliness, low -temperature fluidity and overall lubricity. These characteristics help reduce costs by extending service intervals, eliminating seasonal oil changes, minimizing lubricant use and disposal and reducing power consumption. EMGARD EP Gear Oil 680 is suitable for use in spur, helical, herringbone, bevel and most types of industrial hypoid gearing. It is also suitable for ball, roller and other types of anti-friction bearings. Worm Gear OEMs generally oppose the use of EP lubricants due to compatibility concerns of sulfur/phosphorus and additives with bronze metallurgy. For this reason, the EMGARD EP Gear Oil 680 is not recommended for use in worm gearing.