Machine Tool System Cleaner MTSC

Machine Tool System Cleaner MTSC is a liquid, mildly alkaline, medium to heavy duty machine tool and system cleaner, based upon powerful low foaming surfactants, emusifiers and anti-microbiological agents.


MTSC has been specifically formulated to deal with a wide variety of machine tool and system contaminants including fatty build-up in pipelines and floor ducts. MTSC is easy to use with minimum disruption to production, being added directly to the coolant system whilst still in operation. Floating tramp oil is emulsified.

Conditions of Use

  • An addition of 1-3% of MTSC is recommended. The amount added depends on the general condition of the coolant system (1% is usually adequate).
  • Introduce MTSC where there is a good coolant movement e.g. immediately beyond the pump outflow back to the main settling tank, or direct into a velocity trench or floor return channel. This ensures complete mixing with the coolant.
  • Add MTSC 8-24 hours before the coolant is scheduled to be discarded. The machine tools should then be operated normally for a minimum of eight hours.
  • Following this period of circulation (max 24 hours), empty the entire coolant system and machines and dispose of the coolant in accordance with normal work procedures.
  • Rinsing with a fresh coolant (about 1%) is recommended.