Wind Turbine Gearbox Lubricant

Wind Turbine Lubricant Plurasafe SL320
(previously named Breox SL320)

Plurasafe SL320Quick Smart are the distributor of BASF Plurasafe SL 320 Wind Turbine EP Gear Lubricant.

Plurasafe SL 320 has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the new generation (>1,5 MW) of wind turbines. The excellent performance of these lubricants mean that the wind turbine operators can benefit from extended gearbox lifetime and the reduced maintenance cost that this will induce. The combination of Polyalkylene Glycol base fluid and a tailor developed additive package mean that the Breox SL 320 is capable of performing to levels in excess of those demanded by leading drive train OEM’s.

Plurasafe SL 320 is the latest development in a range of Polyalkylene Glycol based lubricants designed to provide the high performance required of a wind turbine lubricant. Polyalkylene Glycols are universally accepted as excellent lubricants for high load, high EP gearbox applications, due to the inherent properties of this class of lubricant.

Plurasafe SL 320 Technical Data Sheet