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Quick Smart Products is a manufacturer of quality chemical products since 1961. We manufacture hand cleaners Рcar and truck wash Рengine degreasers Рlubricants Рspecialty oils Рradiator products. The Company is located in Tullamarine, a suburb of Melbourne Australia, our products are sold through our national distributor network. Our product brands are: Quick Smart (1961) РPenetrene (1924) РYoungs Motor Products (1933) РEasy Oils (1998) РSurefilm (1975).

We also supply a range of full synthetic gear box lubes our brand Syngard, ISO Grades 150 – 220 – 320 – 460 – 680. These are OEM approved.

We distribute BASF Plurasafe SL320 full synthetic lube for use in wind turbine gearboxes OEM’s approvals, Flender – Bosch – Schaeffer – SKF.

BASF Emgard Full Synthetic EP Gear Oil 680, approved for GE morotized wheel motors, approvals GE Specification D50E27D.

Quick Smart also offers Toll contract packaging services for private labeling.

We are the Victorian Distributor for Armor All – CRC Products – Kitten – Admill Construction Silicones and WD-40 Products.


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Hand Cleaners, Degreasers, Truck & Car Wash, Cleaners and Disinfectants, Parts Wash

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Penetrene “The Red Oil that Creeps”

Easy Oils 1Easy Oils – Industrial Lubricants

Youngs Radiator Products

Automotive Radiator Products

Quick Smart Products is the Victorian wholesale distributor for:

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ArmorallAmor All

RepoKitten Car Care Products



AdmillAdmil Adhesives

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Arjem Industrial Soap Dispensers