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Quick Smart Products is a manufacturer of quality chemical products since 1961. We manufacture hand cleaners, car and truck wash, engine degreasers, lubricants. specialty oils, radiator products.

Australian Made Since 1961

Australian Made

Halal Certified

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Meet Penetrene. A leading player in the mining industry.

Discover Penetrene, a cutting-edge protectant and rust penetrator with a unique chemical composition for sustained effectiveness in automotive, industrial, and professional applications. Available in a range of sizes, from a 400g aerosol to bulk options. Penetrene redefines reliability with upgraded packaging, delivering enduring power for innovation-driven workshops and job sites.


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Explore our cutting-edge product catalogue, a curated selection of high-quality industrial & household chemicals designed to elevate your business. Discover excellence that enhances efficiency and productivity across diverse industrial sectors with our top-tier solutions.

Designed and manufactured, locally here in Australia.

We take pride in being an Australian-owned company, committed to delivering quality solutions and services to our customers.

Proudly an Australian owned company, committed to delivering quality solutions and services to our customers.

Operating for over 60 years and now owned and operated by Advance Chemicals in Altona, Melbourne.

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At Quick Smart Products, we take pride in distributing high-quality chemicals, catering to esteemed companies such as Total Tools, Blackwoods, Repco, Burson Auto Parts, HBT (Hardware & Building Traders), Trade Smart, and Parts 4. We distribute our chemicals Australia wide. Partner with us for reliable and superior chemical distribution services.

Innovation Embedded In Australia’s History

Since its inception in 1924, Penetrene has become deeply embedded in the fabric of Australia’s industrial history. Over nearly a century, this iconic industrial solution has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of Australian businesses.

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