Weld Spatter Protector

Weld Spatter Protector is a high performance weld splatter protector and release agent.





Weld Spatter Protector is an aqueous liquid blend of high quality base surfactants, antirust additives and other special chemical ingredients.


Weld Spatter Protector is designed to give protection to metal surfaces against the adhesion of welding spatter residues that can occur during the welding process.

Features and Benefits

  • Weld Spatter or is a non hazardous, odourless, water based product ensuring good operator acceptance.
  • Weld Spatter Protector is easy to use as it can be applied by low pressure spray or swabbing.
  • Being water based, Weld Spatter Protector films can be easily removed with simple water rinsing.
  • Weld Spatter Protector is classified under NOHSC as non dangerous goods and non hazardous, meaning that no special handling or storage requirements are needed.