Neat Cutting Oils

Easy Cut – Neat Cutting Oils are designed for use as they are received and are non-miscible with water. They have excellent lubricity and anti-weld properties, assist in extending tool life and produce a quality finish on machined parts.

Easy Cut – Neat Cutting Oils

Easy Cut 210 OilA comprehensive range of neat cutting oils for the machining operations of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals is available. The products range from inexpensive oils for non-critical operations to premium quality oils for exacting precision processes.

 EASY CUT OIL 33  500ML, 1, 5, 20, 205LT  EC33-500, EC33-1, EC33-5,EC33-20, EC33-205  MSDS   Technical
 EASY CUT OIL 68  500ML, 1, 5, 20, 205LT  EC68-500, EC68-1, EC68-5, EC68-20, EC68-2-5  MSDS   Technical
 EASY CUT OIL 111  500ML, 5, 20, 205LT  EC111-500, EC111-5, EC111-20, EC111-205  MSDS   Technical
 EASY CUT OIL 209  5, 20, 205LT  EC209-5, EC209-20, EC209-205  MSDS   Technical
 EASY CUT OIL 210  5,20, 205LT  EC210-5, EC210-20, EC210-205  MSDS   Technical
 EASY CUT OIL 691  20, 205LT  EC691-20, EC691-205  MSDS   Technical