Graphite Powder / Hot Forging Graphite Lubricant

Graphite Powder

GraphitePowderGraphite Powder is a dry lubricant, ideal to use for lubrication in applications where oil-based products will attract dust. Suitable for lubricating door locks, hinges, guns, bearings, skate boards, etc.


Hot Forging Graphite Lubricant
Friction Reducer/Anti-seize Lubricant

GWS20Hot Forging Graphite Lubricant Surefilm GWS20 Fluid has been designed to provide a uniform chemically inert film of dry lubricant in situations where heat is extreme and a definite fire risk exists as found in steelworks, foundry brick and tile, cement, metal working, tubemakers and other associated industries. Surefilm GWS20 Fluid is suitable for treatment of dyes, kiln tyres and support runners, furnace sliding gates and guides, hot drawing and extrusions. Surefilm GWS20 Fluid can operate successfully in elevated temperatures up to 600°C. Surefilm GWS20 is generally used neat but can be diluted with water, depending on the application and still maintain excellent lubricating and coolant properties and the mixture is non-corrosive to most surfaces. Can be applied by either brush, dipping or spray.

 SUREFILM GWS 20 FLUID  20LT  GWS20-20  Technical

Product Features

  • A stable thixotropic fluid completely non-flammable, non-fuming, having good heat and electric conduction characteristics.
  • Friction reducer.
  • Solid, premium quality crystalline graphite powder.
  • Aqueous medium.
  • No job sticking.
  • Improved surface finish.
  • Die life improvement.
  • Very effective for heavy press forging operations.