The History of Waterless Hand Cleaners in Australia

In 1961

The original Quick Smart Lemon Gel Hand Cleaner was developed and distributed throughout Australia.

In the 1960’s

Dispenser hand pumps were available for drums and 4 litre cans.

In the 1960 – 1970’s

Quick Smart Waterless Gel hand cleaner became one of the most popular brands for use in the automotive trade.

In 1985

The Quick Smart brand was purchased by Wally and Barbara Day and Quick Smart Products Pty Ltd was formed.

In 1988

Supa Grit Pumice Hand Cleaner was added to the range and all packaging went from paper labels to litho printed cans.

In 1989

Quick Smart Products moved from Airport West in Victoria to new premises in Tullamarine.

In 1991

Quick Smart Products launched a complete line of automotive and industrial cleaning products, car and truck wash, disinfectants, all purpose cleaners and engine degreasers.

In 1992

As a leading chemical manufacturer Quick Smart Products started to contract package our popular products for other distributors / wholesalers / manufacturers.

In 1995

The market changes and to meet new trends Quick Smart Products develops a new range of Orange Power hand cleaners.

In 1996

Purchase premises next door for future expansion.
Quick Smart Products introduces a range of dispenser mate cans for wall dispensers (National Packaging Award for best tinplate new can).
Quick Smart Products develops a range of car wash soaps for use in car wash stations, High Pressure Soaps, Presoak, Foaming Bubble Brush, Foaming Tyre and Engine Cleaner and Rapidry Lemon Beading Wax.

In 1997

Quick Smart Products purchase the Australian icon Penetrene, developed in 1924.  Penetrene can be found in every garage around Australia.

In 2000

Quick Smart Products starts manufacturing new products ie Solvent Based Degreasers, Laundry Powders, Aluminium Cleaners, Specialty Oils, Hydraulic and Compressor Oils etc and Tyre Gloss. (Wins National Packaging Award for Best Tin Plate Design).

In 2005

Quick Smart Products purchases the Easy Oil Brand manufacturing and blending industrial oils, Air Tool – Compressor – Chain N Bar – Hydraulic Oils.

In 2010

Quick Smart Products purchases from Ecolab, the Surefilm Brand of products SS-113A Electronic Cleaner, SS-4A Silicone Spray, Suregal, Drilling and Tapping Compound, Graphite Products and Ming Fabric Protector.

Future Growth (November 2022)

Quick Smart Products offers the most extensive line of automotive, industrial chemicals and we will continue to develop new and improved products to service the markets ever-changing needs. Quick Smart Products have now been taken over by Advance Chemicals in November 2022.

Our mission is to create a partnership with our distributors through great service, quality manufactured products at a reasonable price.